Fireside Chats with the MACMA


July 22nd - Transitioning from In-Person to Virtual Events

In-person educational events and business meetings continue to be a thought for some time down the road. Despite that, many organizations keep their community vibrant and moving forward with well-thought-out digital events. As we inch closer to the fall, join the MACMA for a dynamic panel discussion on how to take advantage of the digital space to create virtual events that bring people together and move the needle on your key performance indicators. You will hear from organizations that are fine-tuning existing approaches and others who made the quick pivot in February and March.

Jennifer D'Ambrosio, Director of Marketing (Westchester Magazine)
Kathleen Greenler Sexton, CEO & Publisher (Subscription Insider)
Rich Vallaster, III, CEM, Director, Client Relations & Trade Show Wonk

Patti Devine,
Patti Devine, Inc.

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July 8th - How to Maximize LinkedIn

Risa Hoag is the President of GMG Public Relations, a full-service public relations, marketing, and advertising agency she founded in 1991. She is a sought-after speaker on marketing strategies, public relations, social media, and LinkedIn. She is the president of The Rockland Business Women’s Network and a past president of the Westchester Association of Women Business Owners. She has received numerous awards for her work and in 2019 she was presented with the Lillian Vernon Award for Community Service.

Take-Aways - 

  1. Profile tweaks to maximize your visibility 
  2. Strategies for identifying targets and making warm connections 
  3. Accessing Profinder to quickly submit proposals
  4. Obtaining testimonials that will make a difference 
  5. Posting and blogging for maximum exposure 

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June 17th - Mindfulness and Destressing

Mia Lux merges the playful and the profound - drawing on her experience as a stand-up comedian, personal growth junkie, and recovering lawyer. For over 5 years, Mia has been an international host, comedian & facilitator, specializing in top wellness/personal development events around the world. As the creator and host of the late-night-style digital series, The Conscious-ish Show, it is her mission to make the world's most powerful ideas more accessible by making them truly enjoyable - if you're laughing, you're learning!

Mindfulness has become something of a buzzword – and with connections to stress reduction, performance optimization, and improved mental health, it’s not surprising people are interested. Yet, for something so helpful and so simple, it can feel surprisingly difficult! Why is sitting still so hard? Why don’t our brains ever shut up? How can “doing nothing” help us accomplish anything?
Come dip your toes into your inner world and learn a little about what it means to be mindful, how to wield it usefully throughout your day, and to help create a meaningful life.



June 10th - Impact on the Printing Industry

Dave Fry is the Chief Technology Officer at Fry Communications and a technology entrepreneur involved with a number of other companies as an investor and board member. Fry Communications is the 3rd largest magazine printer in the country.

Dave will speak with us about the impact corona has had on the magazine printing business, how they are coping at Fry, and what he sees for the long term impact on the industry.

Barbara Falk

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May 28th - Fulfillment

Join us for a fireside chat with our moderator, Nicole Bowman, and our panel to discuss how their fulfillment companies are helping their clients and what changes and initiatives have been introduced to address their needs during and post-pandemic.

Tony Pytlak, President and COO (SFG)
Kathy Mancini, Product Engineer (Computer Fulfillment)
Barbara Nelson, Chief Business Officer (CDS Global)
Diane Cuellar, President and CEO (Cambey & West)

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May 21st - Audit Standards

Join Glenn Hansen (BPA Worldwide) as we discuss temporary exemptions to Standards due to the pandemic, and permanent changes made in March and May.

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May 20th - Career Advice

Join Mary Quinlan (Career Prep Consultants) as we discuss how to find a job while the world seems to be on pause.

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May 13th - Customer Data and Revenue Producing Ideas

Revenues dipping? Events and media campaigns canceled? Join ONEcount President Joanne Persico as we discuss using customer data and insights to fuel revenue-producing ideas.

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May 6th - Audience Development in Unprecedented Times

Nobody is an expert on audience development while the world is changing as rapidly and drastically as it has been.  We’re all adapting to Zoom meetings, the impact of full-time WFH, and an economy that is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  So now more than ever, it is helpful to hear and learn from what others are doing, seeing, and trying. Hear from Audience Development professionals Kately Belyus (The Nation), Rick Day (Hearst), Tarrah Godish (NAPCO), and Frank Lama (NPS Media Group).

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April 29th - Retail in the Midst of a Changing Environment

Join Ron Murray (NPS Media Group) as he shares some of the latest metrics, along with his observations.

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