The MACMA acknowledges long-standing publishing community members through its Member Emeritus program.

These are individuals whose dedication and contribution(s) knew no bounds. They gave of themselves tirelessly – to their employer, to their clients, to their colleagues, and to the Industry as a whole. In so doing, they advanced the standards and practices within the Industry, and the careers of those with whom the collaborated and for whom they mentored. Through all that they gave, they forged lasting professional relationships and many personal friendships within the community in general, and more specifically, among our Members. For these reasons, we are honored to have them continue their involvement with the MACMA, even in partial or full retirement.

The benefits of Member Emeritus status are:

  • Lifetime membership at no charge
  • A Discounted attendance rate of $55 to all functions
  • Official induction in April for new members
  • Certificate of recognition/membership
  • Recognition at MACMA Holiday Party
  • Emeritus status and class year noted on the member's badge and the attendee list for each event

To be considered for Member Emeritus status, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at or nearing retirement age
  • Current work status must be reduced, part-time, retired, or self-employed (independent contractor)
  • And one or more of the following:
    • Has at any time received an Award from the MACMA or its predecessor associations (FMA/NTCFI)
    • Is or was a MACMA (MCMA/FMA/NTCFI) Member in good standing for 15 or more years

You may nominate yourself or another person.


Benefits will begin upon acceptance into Member Emeritus status, but the official induction ceremony will occur in April of each year. Applications are generally accepted through March 31st of a given year for that year's Emeritus class. All accepted Emeritus members will be invited to attend the April induction luncheon free of charge.

Class of 2018

  • Robert Cohn
  • Hank Garcia
  • Patricia Williamson

Class of 2017

  • Barry Green
  • Bruce Miller

Class of 2016

  • Jane Giles
  • Tom Luxeder
  • Mike McCarthy

Class of 2015

  • Irwin Billman
  • Bill Dugan
  • Carole Ireland

Class of 2014

  • Simon Aronin
  • Biff Bilstein
  • Marge Evans
  • Dennis Gougion
  • Pete Pedersen
  • Ginny Seibert
  • Steve Strickman