MACMA 2024 Scholarship Information

Giving back to the community– For over a decade, the Media, Audience & Content Marketing Association (MACMA) has provided scholarships to graduating high school seniors and those already enrolled in higher education institutions. We proudly allow deserving students to complete their education and meet their full potential. 

Our scholarship program would not be possible without the help of our members and sponsors.

Eligibility: Applicants must be a graduating high school senior or current college student who will be enrolled in a college/university program during the 2024-2025 academic year who is a MACMA individual or corporate member, the immediate family of a MACMA member, or an employee of a MACMA sponsoring company (as of June 1, 2024). Prior winners are not eligible. Each applicant must complete a current Scholarship Application and essay questions.

Scholarship applications are considered blinded, ensuring that no one on the scholarship committee or anyone involved in the review process is aware during deliberations of a candidate’s identity or relationship to current or former MACMA members or sponsors. Each applicant is judged purely on the relative strength of their application and the quality of their responses.

Each applicant is judged purely on the relative strength of their application and the quality of their responses.

Awards:  A total of 3 scholarship recipients will be selected: Scholarship amounts will be one $2,500.00 scholarship, one $2,000.00 scholarship and one $1,500.00 scholarship.  Winners were announced the second week in August.

Application Process:  
To apply please complete the scholarship application and send it back to MACMA no later than July 15, 2024.


Questions? Please contact Tim Bower by email at [email protected]

In 2023, four awards were given out: two at $1,500.00 each and two at $1,000.00 each.

2023 Scholarship Recipients: 

  • Fin Ericson - Zeen 101
  • Emiliano Rivas - Omeda
  • Sofia Imbrogno - 360 Merit Direct
  • Nicholas Fleming - PWX Solutions

2022 Scholarship Recipients: 

  • Danielle Nester (Oklahoma State) - Watt Global Media
  • Emily Jaggers (Western Kentucky) - 7 Knots Digital
  • Zachary Biemer (SUNY Cortland) - Conde Nast

2021 Scholarship Recipients Include: 

  • Tori McDonald (University of Northern Iowa) - CDS Global
  • Colby Rosenthal (Indiana University Bloomington) - Pubworx
  • Sara Kolson (Flagler College) - Palm Coast Data
  • Rhiannon Pytlak (University of Texas at Austin) - SFG
  • Patrick Wright (Milwaukee School of Engineering) - Palm Coast Data
  • Nathaniel Strub (Tyler Junior College) - SFG
  • Andrew McMillian (Merrimack College) - Computer Fulfillment

2020 Scholarship Recipients Include: 

  • Hannah Ulman (Princeton University)
  • Valerie Truesdell (University of Florida) 
  • Owen Cole (Undecided)
  • Delaney Wilson (Henderson State University)
  • Brenna Smith (Biola University)
  • Rachael McMillan (Providence College)

2019 Scholarship Recipients Include: 

  • Jonah D'Alessandro (Tufts University)                                                    
  • Abigail Greenblatt (Indiana University)
  • Aidan Healy (Undecided)
  • McKenna Selitto (Undecided)
  • Andrea White (University of North Florida)
  • Samantha Viel (Undecided)